Free Astrology Calculators for your Relationship Part 5 – Kundli Matching/Horoscope Matching

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How are you? Hoping you all will be fine and enjoying your life. Sorry for delay in my next post. I was stuck somewhere.

In my last posts, I was discussing about different type of relationship calculators in Free Astrology. I have already explained about Name Compatibility Calculator and Birthdates Compatibility Calculator, Zodiac Sign Compatibility Calculator and Name Compatibility based o Rashi and Planet. Here are the all calculators.

1. Name Compatibility in Percentage

2. Birthdates Compatibility Calculator

3. Zodiac Sign Compatibility Calculator

4. Name Compatibility  (based on Rashi and Planet)

5. Kundli Matching/ Horoscope Matching/Guna Milan Online

In this post I will discuss about Kundli Matching/Horoscope Matching/Guna Milan Online

Horoscope matching simply check compatibility of your guna with that of your partner, and mark scores accordingly, to check your guna milan, please fill in your information above and click continue then fill details of your partner and click continue to see the results.


How It Works!!

Horoscope Matching/ Guna Milan all of the 8 gunas are calulated according to your details and your partner’s details, and then your gunas are compared with your partner’s gunas to check compatibility, each guna has particular marks, by which scores are given to both of you, maximum marks are 36, according to astrology to make a good couple you must get atleast 18 marks, anything less then that is not considered as a good match.


After click on continue button it will show matching guna between you and your partner. It will also tell about understanding between both of you according to the guna Milan.

In free astrology we can also get to know about Vedic, Hindu, Indian and love astrology. With the help of astrology we can get business problem solution and child marriage problem solution.

In next posts I will explain about other calculators. Till then enjoy your time. Have a nice time.

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