Planets in Various Signs

Planets in various signs in a horoscope carry specific influence for the native. It is not possible to arrive at these influences simply through logical deduction based on the knowledge of planetary or Rashi characteristics. This is because Astrology is not a simple logic based science like Physics, Chemistry or Geography. It is based on a foundation of mystics laws which are to be taken for granted and are not to be contested or challenged. They have been passed on to the posterity by our ancient scholars of Mathematics, Astronomy and Astrology as a part of the divine, pristine knowledge of Vedas. The mystic laws of Astrology were revealed to the spirituality enlightened sages and scholars through meditation and spiritual transcendence.



It would, therefore, be in the fitness of things to present in reasonable details some of the declared aphorisms. There are 9 planets named Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu. First we will explain about Sun.

Sun in

Aries: – Rich, erudite, thinly-built, over-active, religious minded and god fearing, courageous, clever, able warrior and valorous.

Taurus:- Talkative, fond of music, accomplished as a servant, troubles from spouse and children otherwise happy and contented, has more enemies than friends.

Gemini:- Of changeable disposition and temperament, an efficient businessman or industrialist, good orator, has a sharp memory, inclined toward arts and literature, suffer losses through speculation. Clever and diplomatic, intelligent and wealthy.

Cancer:- Sensitive and emotional, possesses sharp memory, very intelligent but of fragile constitution and health, selfish, good in writing and calligraphy, gains through social work, kind sentimental, ambitious, short-tempered, disobedient towards parents but benevolent and respected.

Leo:- Wealthy, respected widely, handsome but corrupted, prosperous, highly ambitious, kind, brave, religious-minded, predisposed to cough and heart diseases although generally healthy, has many friends but few devoted friends, lazy and indolent, enthusiastic, patient but short tempered.

Virgo:- Critical and finicky about details in any work or discussion, like solitude and natural surroundings, fo0nd of music, good in writing and publishing, work, patriotic, fond of travelling, accomplished, in mathematics, monetary transactions and works connected with arts and literature, physically frail and suffers from intestinal problems.

Libra:- Patriotic, kind, fair and unbiased in dealings, helpful to others in distress, has a wide circle of friends with many influential and wealthy among them, brave but liable to punishment or prosecution by the government, poor, licentious.

Scorpio:- Forbearing, patient and audacious, self-respecting, gets success late in life, respectful in behaviour but also quarrelsome, cruel, has strained relationship with parents, good in the use of weapons, greedy and secretive.

Sagittarius:- Farsighted but fiery-tempered, opposes falsehood and injustice, intelligent, famous, wealthy, sharp speaking, diplomatic and clever in talks and discussion, kind and helpful to others, extremely optimistic, undertakes many pilgrimages.

Capricorn:-  Sweet in speech, independent, greedy and avaricious, excellent as a diplomat and also a capable military officer, brave, physically feeble, afflicted by worries, fears, dishonour and failures, poor, does sinful acts and dishonoured.

Aquarius: – Extremely thoughtful and probing by nature and habit, indifferent and despondent, puritanical, suffers from eye diseases, truthful, unconventional and forward looking, very clever, cheerful but not blessed with wealth, children and marital happiness, is not kind and is given to various types of vice.

Pisces :- Bereft or devoid of wealth, happiness and fortune, troubles from near and dear ones, suffers from blood disorders, kind  towards animals, religiously inclined, calm, enthusiastic, likes flattery, has enormous patience, intelligent and erudite, famous.

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