Planets in Various Signs Part 2

Moon Planet in Various Signs


Moon in

Aries: – Has poor appetite, not avaricious, food or aimless travel, devoid of financial stability, good as a servant, audacious but egoistic and oversexed.

Taurus: – Broad faced, majestic gait, benevolent, begets many daughters, likes to rule than be ruled, fortunate, a trustworthy and sincere friend.

Gemini: – Scholar of scriptures, good as a diplomat, intelligent, fond of gambling or speculation, has good intuitive power, adept in the art of love-making.

Cancer: – A sincere friend, fond of astrology, lives in palatial houses, fluctuating financial condition, has affectionate nature.

Leo: – Valorous, egoistic, short tempered, even-minded and not attached to worldly matters, fond of eating meat and roaming in the forests, does every task promptly and fast.

Virgo: – Possesses beautiful eyes and a modest outlook, effeminate in actions and habits, truthful, intelligent, begets more female than male issues, polite and courteous.

Libra: – Tall-statured, respectful towards gods and saints, frail-bodied, honest and intelligent, good in business dealings of buying and selling, wealthy, ignored by his kith and kin.

Scorpio: – Brand shouldered, loses his father in early childhood, sickly, cruel and enjoys indulging in acts of violence.

Sagittarius: – Inherits parental wealth and profession, well-behaved, enterprising, manly, wise and energetic, possesses artistic abilities, clever.

Capricorn: – Devoted to his family, religious, fortunate, indolent, follows good advice, intrinsically strong, immodest.

Aquarius: – Tell and well built, skin has rough texture with veins prominently visible, body is very hairy, fluctuating fortunes, commits sinful acts for usurping other’s wealth, keeps illicit liaison woth other’s wives.

Pisces: – Devoted to spouse, fond of varieties of dresses and ornaments, competitive and gets the better of his enemies, gets hidden wealth.

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