Planets in Various Signs Part 3

Mars Planet in Various Signs


Mars in

Aries: – Polite, courageous, wealthy, owns landed properties, truthful, generous and respected in society.

Taurus: – Cunning and deceitful, adulterous, quarrelsome, adorns himself with beautiful  dresses, troubles from children, unhappy, sinful and boasting type.

Gemini: – Miser, blessed with children, brilliant, has few friends, accomplished in mechanical work and in warfare, philanthropist, happy and contented.

Cancer: – Calm in temperament, troubles from spouse, clever, sickly, earns living through service, cunning and treacherous.

Leo: – Blessed with spouse and children, valorous, unruffled by adversities, industrious but not wealthy, benevolent, accomplished in work and affectionate.

Virgo: – Hospitable, brilliant, devoted to gods and worship, blessed with children, good in settling arguments and disputes, clever and diplomatic, happy.

Libra: – Spendthrift, treacherous, troubles from spouse, oversexed and commits adultery, usurps other’s wealth.

Scorpio: – Scare of fire and arms, government servant, soldier or employed in defence services, leader of thieves and commits sinful acts.

Sagittarius: – Leads happy and peaceful life, terror for his enemies, famous and commands respect, good adviser and counsellor, cruel, hard-working.

Capricorn: – Prosperous like a king, valorous and brave, dutiful, victorious in battles, wealthy, happiness from family, popular, an able administrator and respected leader, happy and ambitious.

Aquarius: – keeps bad company, of uncouth behaviour, liar, of bad conduct and character, loses money through speculation, greedy and possesses bad habits.

Pisces: – Victorious over enemies, happy, a good counsellor, popular, given to bad habits, unkind, cruel, travels far and wide, sickly, agnostic and very talkative.

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