Planets in Various Signs Part 4

Mercury Planet in Various Signs


 Mercury in

Aries: – Wicked, clever, unkind, gambler, agnostic, egoistic, glutton, liar, feeble-bodied.

Taurus: – Learned, benevolent, has many commendable qualities, accomplished in arts, devoted to teacher, wealthy, blessed with sibling and children, serious and sombre by nature.

Gemini: – Happy and contented, pleasant in speech but a habitual liar, accomplished in arts, music and writing, good orator, of good conduct.

Cancer: – Inimical towards kith and kin, wicked and of bad conduct, has a service-oriented approach in work, fond of music, a good orator and devoted to the spouse.

Leo: – Poor, devoted to the spouse but incurs the disfavour of spouse, troubles from children, wanderer, liar, deceitful and oversexed.

Virgo: – Pleasant in speech, clever, good and accomplished as a writer or editor, benevolent, expert in many types of work, fearless, intelligent, expert has many good qualities of the head and heart.

Libra: – Learned, orator, counsellor, blessed with martial happiness and children, benevolent spendthrift, clever, accomplished businessman, generous and religious-minded.

Scorpio: – Fond of gambling and speculation, indolent, remains in debt, atheist, poor, hard-working, foolish, solicit favours for living, given to vices and bad habits.

Sagittarius: – Scholars, prudent in speech, benevolent, accomplished in practical work, popular, generous, earns fame as a writer, orator or editor.

Capricorn: – Good artistic abilities, physically frail and weak, has poor intelligence, oppressed by enemies, suffers from debts, obedient, imprudent and timid.

Aquarius: – Poor, serves others for livelihood, domestic life not happy, troubles from enemies.

Pisces: – A good painter or sculptor, efficient in management of money, patriotic, blessed with marital happiness, of good conduct, fortunate, happy in foreign lands, forbearing and has great self-esteem.

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