Planets in Various Signs Part 5

Jupiter Planet in Various Signs


Jupiter in

Aries: – Broad-minded, generous, rich and prosperous, intelligent, happiness from spouse and children, brilliant, fair and just in approach, sometimes controversial but accomplished and famous.

Taurus: – Blessed with wealth, comforts and fame, religious and devout, sound in health and physique, upright and honest, gets acclaim as a physician or scholar.

Gemini: – Pleasant speaking, excellent conduct, fond of poetry, gains from agricultural or scientific activities, acquires sudden wealth, well-behaved and an accomplished writer.

Cancer: – Amiable and well-behaved, clever, learned, prosperous, blessed with wealth and all comforts of life, happiness from family and children, truthful, famous, philanthropist and accomplished in Yoga

Leo: – Owns palatial houses, enterprising, stout physique, benevolent, leader of masses and often a successful politician, prosperous and blessed with marital happiness and children.

Virgo: – Has many friends, clever, good in painting, sculpture and arts, victorious in battles and competitions.

Libra: – Sharp intellect, courageous, devoted to gods, religious-minded, clever, diplomatic and benevolent.

Scorpio: – wealthy and talented, generous, famous, not truthful, has troubles from spouse, scholar of scriptures, pious.

Sagittarius: – Enjoys prosperity like a king, owns lands and excellent conveyances, egostic, cunning but religious-minded.

Capricorn: – Of sinful conduct, dull, suffers mental depression, fond of travelling, selfish, inclined to sabotage others work, poor, cunning and unlucky.

Aquarius: – Suffers from diseases of teeth and intestines, miserly, sinful, timid and deceitful.

Pisces: – Occupies an authoritative position, wealthy and prosperous, modest, composed, kind and fond of literature.

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