Planets in Various Signs Part 6

Venus Planet in Various Signs


Venus in

Aries: – Unsettled, adulterous , brings his family to disrepute, owns landed and built-up property, fond of poetry, mean, atheist, of sinful conduct maintains liaison with brothel women, quarrelsome.

Taurus: – Endowed with many human qualities, famous, fearless, good-looking and attractive in appearance, prosperous, generous, humble and helpful, erudite and learned.

Gemini: – Learned, well versed in arts and music, gentle and polite, fond of sweetmeats, wealthy, intelligent and charitable by nature.

Cancer: – Timid, possesses many good qualities, pleasant in speech, undertakes respectable and noble tasks, deeply religious, knowledgeable and learned, attractive in appearance and diplomatic in behaviour.

Leo: – Receives wealth from spouse, respected, has few children, contented, benevolent, remains much worried.

Virgo: – Mean, sinful, highly sexed, sickly, loses potency early in life or loses fertility if a woman, indulges in monetary speculation causing much loss of money.

Libra: –Favourite of the high and mighty, fearless and bold, wealthy, respected and famous, accomplished in many types of work including fine arts.

Scorpio: – Indulges in wasteful expenditure of money, brings disrepute to family, given to bad habits, poor, possesses violent instincts, short-tempered, suffers from diseases of secret organs.

Sagittarius: – Has many noble qualities, wealthy, happiness from spouse and children, earns rewards and favours from the government, learned, popular and happy.

Capricorn: – Liked by everybody, miserly, egoistic, weak and frail, loner and oppressed by worries.

Aquarius: – Favourite of all but spends money foolishly and recklessly, despondent, sickly, irreligious and disinclined towards good deeds and noble acts.

Pisces: – Scholarly, wealthy, fond of music, fortunate, prosperous and famous, ,humble, calm and composed by nature, earns wealth from varied sources, generous, owns landed properties and accomplished.

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