Planets in Various Signs Part 7

Saturn Planet in Various Signs


Saturn in

Aries: – Imprudent, wicked, wanderer, physically weak, not at peace with himself, poor, of sinful conduct and ungrateful for favours.

Taurus: – Possesses limited wealth, troubles from children, not truthful, deceptive, foolish, does not enjoy marital happiness.

Gemini: – Enjoys wealth and prosperity, immodest, humorous, frequent traveller, deceitful, trickster, poor and licentious.

Cancer: – Suffers from troubles to mother as well as son, poor, foolish, indulges in wasteful activities, victorious over enemies, frail-bodies, unhappy childhood, progressive youth.

Leo: – Unpopular and disgraced in society, expert in writing, quarrelsome, naive, unhappy. Troubles from spouse and children, efficient in practical work.

Virgo: – Immodest, not prosperous, does not enjoy good relations with people, feeble-bodies, punctual and disciplined.

Libra: –Exalted position, owns large land and built up properties, respected and famous, generous, widely acclaimed and respected, progressive, has lot of self esteem.

Scorpio: – Suffers bondage, and also sometimes imprisonment, clever, fear for enemies and detractors, greedy, short tempered, violent in behaviour, loses wealth through imprudent

Sagittarius: – Blessed with marital happiness and illustrious children, occupies prominent and authoritative position, good conduct, contented and happy.

Capricorn: – Gets favours and honours from the government, respected, occupies a good position, suffers from poor eyesight, enjoys wealth in plenty, hard-working and god fearing, untruthful.

Aquarius: – Wealthy, has excellent friends, oppressed by enemies, industrious, agnostic, leader of communities of local bodies, lacks good conduct.

Pisces: – Favourite of the king, benevolent, diplomatic and affable, brilliant, illustrious, not very courageous but generally prosperous, happy during the last years of life.

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