Kaal Sarp Shanti ke Upay/Totke in Hindi by Vashikaran Specialist – Astrologer Vinod Kumar

काल सर्प शांति के उपाय / टोटके

कुंडली में जब भी सभी ग्रह राहु और केतु के बीच में आ जाते है तो कालसर्प योग बनता है| जिन भी लोगो की कुंडली में कालसर्प दोष होता है उन्हें मानसिक तनाव और पारिवारिक क्लेश का सामना करना पड़ता है| ऐसे लोग के जीवन में उतार चढ़ाव चलता रहता है| कालसर्प दोष से पीड़ित व्यक्तियो को जीवन भर कठिन परिश्रम करना पड़ता है| ऐसे लोगो को कालसर्प दोष की शांति अवश्य ही करानी चाहिए| कालसर्प दोष की शांति हेतु बहुत सारे उपाय है और इन उपायो को कभी भी कर सकते है पर सावन महीना कालसर्प दोष की शांति के लिए बहुत ही उपयुक्त होता है| खासकर सावन माह की पंचमी यानी कि नाग पंचमी का दिन बहुत ही प्रभावशाली होता है क्योंकि इस दिन के किये गए उपाय अतिशीघ्र फल देते है|

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कालसर्प योग के कुछ बहुत ही आसान उपाय और टोटके


काले कुते को हर शनिवार के दिन रोटी खिलाये| अगर कला कुत्ता नही मिल रहा तो किसी भी दूसरे कुत्ते को रोटी खिला दे|


महीने की किसी भी शुभ तिथि को सुबह जल्दी उठ कर स्नानादि करके शिव के मंदिर जाये और शिवलिंग पर तांबे का नाग चढ़ाये|


किसी भी दिन चांदी के नाग नागिन का जोड़ा खरीदकर उसे नदी में बहा दे और साथ ही अपने इष्टदेव से कालसर्प के दोष दूर करने की विनती करे| या फिर नाग पंचमी के दिन शिवलिंग का अभिषेक करते हुए इस जोड़े को शिवलिंग पर चढ़ा दे| अभिषेक की समाप्ति पर जोड़े को किसी भी तांबे के पात्र में विसर्जित करदे और उस तांबे को पात्र को पंडित को दान दे दे| इससे काल सर्प से बहुत ही रहत मिलती है|


सुबह सुबह हर रोज शिवलिंग पर तांबे की गड़वी में जल चढ़ाये और साथ ही ॐ नमः शिवाय का जाप करते रहे| कम से कम 108 बार मंत्र का जाप करे|


जरूरतमंदों की हमेशा सहायता करे और गरीब व्यक्ति का कभी भी अनादर ना करे| जरूरतमंद या गरीब व्यक्ति को काली उरद और कला कम्बल दान करे|


नाग पंचमी के दिन 11 नारियल ले और इन्हें बहते हुए पानी बहा दे| इस उपाय के करने से कालसर्प दोष से मुक्ति मिलती है|


ऐसे ही बहुत सारे उपाय है जिसके करने से आपको काल सरप के दोष से मुक्ति मिल सकती है| और अधिक जानकारी के लिए आप हमारे Free Astrologer – Astrologer Home से संपर्क कर सकते है|


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Free Astrology Calculators for your Relationship Part2 – Birthdates Compatiblity Calculator

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In my last post I was discussing about Free Astrology and in free astrology we have many type of calculators and I had explain about Name Compatibility Calculator. Before explaining to next calculator we should remind all calculators.

  1. Name Compatibility in Percentage
  1. Birthdates Compatibility Calculator
  1. Zodiac Sign Compatibility Calculator
  1. Name Compatibility (based on Rashi and Planet)
  1. Kundli Matching/ Horoscope Matching/Guna Milan Online

Now in this post I will discuss about Birthdates Compatibility Calculator.

Birthdates Compatibility Calculator

This is an easy and interesting calculator that checks up to two birthdates and show similarity among them, you just only require to fill your correct birthdate and your lover’s birthdate and after that click on find to know your compatibility with your loved one.

Birthdates Compatiblity 1


After click on find button it will show the result in Good, Very good, Challenging etc.

As shown in Image

Birthdates Compatiblity 2

Free Astrology for Career, Bussiness and Love Problems Solution

Zodiac Image - Astrologer HomeFree Astrology is exceptionally antiquated branch of vedik shastra which is completely relies on upon the development of stars or planets. Yes, Astrology is the investigation of development of stars and their relative positions which impact human undertakings. Loads of individuals having some various types of issues and can’t decide the real purpose for it since reason behind it is development of stars in any individual’s horoscope.

Yes, it is truth that because of development of stars numerous individuals confronts such a variety of inconveniences throughout their life. At some point we confronts flighty results or hurt and when we attempt to decide the genuine purpose for it then we locate this sort of risky reason.

In today’s reality no one can free from problems. Everybody has their own issues like affection issue, business issue, profession issue, budgetary issue, spouse wife issue and so forth and that all sorts of complexities of life can be expelled from your existence with the assistance of Indian astrologer.

Yes, a astrologer is an identity which gain such a great amount of force by his tantra vidhya and get mantra for various types of issues and help those people groups who are truly in a bad position. In this article we have talk about on a few answers for a few Problems gave by astrologers through free astrology.

Love Marriage Problem Solution:-

Love is sacred feeling which grew naturally between two blessed souls however in today’s surroundings it is nothing then a diversion for youths. Yes, love is presently gotten to be diversion for human in current period since they don’t beginning to look all starry eyed at very having a sweetheart or beau to simply hotshot others. A large portion of us truly beginning to look all starry eyed at yet the method for love are not all that simple so it is difficult to keep up affection existence without inconveniences. Lovers confront such a large number of inconveniences throughout their life such as folks differ issue, accomplice differ issue, love marriage issue, entomb position marriage issue and so on so that all sort of issues are settle by renowned stargazers in India. They gave loads of mantra such as kamdev vashikaran mantra, Mohini vashikaran mantra and so on through the system of vashikaran to get answer for your intricacy of affection and make your adoration life more content.

Business and Career Problem Solution:-
Everybody need to upgrade their business however they confronts such a large number of inconveniences in their business way. Some individual annoyed with their accomplice or some person annoyed with eccentric misfortune in business or some person misfortune unusual contract and so forth so these all issues are extremely regular yet major issues for any representative and each businessperson need to tackle these sorts of issue at any rate so they are hunting down its answer and do as such numerous Pooja way and tantra mantra with the assistance of soothsaying authority and they get advantages unquestionably in light of the fact that stargazers for the most part uses vashikaran method which is make conceivable any unthinkable thing in life.

Career is exceptionally huge piece of life and each one need to get their vocation on untouchable Heights yet it is not all that simple in light of the fact that at some point because of positions of stars in horoscope an individual need to face such a large number of battles in their vocation setting aside a few minutes. So everybody searches for battle free profession in their life which is just conceivable through astrology.

These kinds of issues we examine in this article are the significant issue of life which might be emerges because of awful positions of stars in horoscope which can be effortlessly fathomed through free astrology.

Vedic Astrology Helps You to Solve Your All Problems

Another expression for the Indian Astrology is Vedic Astrology, which mirrors a science that clarifies that different positions and developments of the planets and stars, with deference of the time and date, and henceforth decides the identity qualities of people with diverse zodiac signs.

Zodiac Image - Astrologer HomeThe science likewise, specifically decides the position of the stars amid the time when an individual was conceived. In this way the impacts of such position and development of the planets are assessed by celestial prophets in view of their insight and aptitude on the science, taking after which they can help people with measures and techniques to beat their own and expert issues.

Vedic Astrology, which begins following the antiquated times, is still exceptionally famous among the people living in the current world. Actually, the world best astrologer in India is continually utilizing the science to research more towards peopling with the right strategies. One of the key worries of individuals would be to pick the right celestial prophet from a significant number of them who are putting forth the same administrations. There are sure fundamental tips that one can use to pick the right celestial prophet for them.

One should be sensible in picking their soothsayer. Consequently, knowing one’s own self and requirements is vital. For instance, you have to know what you are scanning for – is it data about your marriage life, or some individual and expert development related data? Not all professionals are moral in their study and rehearse. One approach to recognize the right one is the way that a decent stargazer would never let you know what to do to enhance your lives. Maybe they will recommend you with alternatives and let you pick the one that suits you the best.

If, for instance you are searching for answers identified with your money related status, securities exchange impacts on your life, etc, and then you have to consider a monetary soothsayer for this reason. Whatever other crystal gazer will be unable to guide you with these answers.

We should also try Free Astrology like today panchang tithi online, Birth dates Compatibility, kundli matching online, zodiac sign compatibility calculator, quick lagna calculator, death date calculator online etc.

Powerful Vashikaran Mantra Give Husband Wife Relationship Problem Solution

We may want to let you know that powerful vashikaran Mantra works if steady gave by genuine crystal gazer that is experienced inside of the field of vashikaran. The second component that worries working intense vashikaran Mantra is that steady can singularly work on the off chance that you have religion inside of the same. In the event that you don’t have religion then you’ll not get your required result and it’s conjointly potential that y
ou just won’t get the short result. Keep these things in your brain though acceptive the capable vashikaran Mantra.

MarriagPowerful vashikaran specialist spellse is that the most critical a piece of anyone’s life. The chief important variables that save to incite wedded could be a sensible methodology and it’s exclusively potential with the help of capable vashikaran mantra for wedding. In old time people use to impel wedded all through the pre-adult. They don’t hold up his child or female posterity to develop for a long time, however as of now a few people don’t bind together at thirty years old and that they likewise are developing step by step. In case you’re one amongst them, who is confronting the matter in your wedding, then we tend to help you in your wedding joined issues. You’ll get the benefit with the help of powerful vashikaran mantra for wedding. It’s the conventional technique of vashikaran.

Capable vashikaran mantras for adoration spells usual are liable of some person whom you might want to like or wed. In case you’re head over heels in adoration with any individual and need to instigate back his affection in your life and need to wed with steady individual, then you’ll utilize the Powerful vashikaran mantras for adoration spells to make the individual underneath your administration. We may want to demand you that don’t utilize this mantra against gathering else you’ll not able to confront the negative consequence of consistent. Presently a-days we tend to seeing that some discourteous misrepresentation individual’s abuse steady to mysterious others in avaricious sentiments. It’s the most issue nowadays inside of the powerful measure that underhandedness is rising rapidly and humankind is getting broken. It’s conjointly utilized for mending objects.

Presently the Indian pseudoscience is along these lines upgraded that you simply will apply the intense vashikaran Mantra by name and you’ll get the required result. You’ll conjointly get the aftereffects of intense vashikaran mantra by name in your nonappearance. Just offer USA the name of the individual that you might want to utilize the effective vashikaran mantra. You’ll get glad to check the outcome by doing nothing, basically giving the little points of interest. Our celestial prophet has the office to attempt to something with the help of vashikaran mantra inside of the nonappearance of the individual. It’s for the gathering, not for side effect anyone, along these lines ceaselessly utilizes, intense vashikaran mantra by name for the welfare of mankind.

There are many Free Astrologer in India who experts in husband wife relationship problem solution, love astrology and others problems. Choose best and free astrologer among the all astrologers.