Planets in Various Signs Part 7

Saturn Planet in Various Signs


Saturn in

Aries: – Imprudent, wicked, wanderer, physically weak, not at peace with himself, poor, of sinful conduct and ungrateful for favours.

Taurus: – Possesses limited wealth, troubles from children, not truthful, deceptive, foolish, does not enjoy marital happiness.

Gemini: – Enjoys wealth and prosperity, immodest, humorous, frequent traveller, deceitful, trickster, poor and licentious.

Cancer: – Suffers from troubles to mother as well as son, poor, foolish, indulges in wasteful activities, victorious over enemies, frail-bodies, unhappy childhood, progressive youth.

Leo: – Unpopular and disgraced in society, expert in writing, quarrelsome, naive, unhappy. Troubles from spouse and children, efficient in practical work.

Virgo: – Immodest, not prosperous, does not enjoy good relations with people, feeble-bodies, punctual and disciplined.

Libra: –Exalted position, owns large land and built up properties, respected and famous, generous, widely acclaimed and respected, progressive, has lot of self esteem.

Scorpio: – Suffers bondage, and also sometimes imprisonment, clever, fear for enemies and detractors, greedy, short tempered, violent in behaviour, loses wealth through imprudent

Sagittarius: – Blessed with marital happiness and illustrious children, occupies prominent and authoritative position, good conduct, contented and happy.

Capricorn: – Gets favours and honours from the government, respected, occupies a good position, suffers from poor eyesight, enjoys wealth in plenty, hard-working and god fearing, untruthful.

Aquarius: – Wealthy, has excellent friends, oppressed by enemies, industrious, agnostic, leader of communities of local bodies, lacks good conduct.

Pisces: – Favourite of the king, benevolent, diplomatic and affable, brilliant, illustrious, not very courageous but generally prosperous, happy during the last years of life.

Planets in Various Signs Part 6

Venus Planet in Various Signs


Venus in

Aries: – Unsettled, adulterous , brings his family to disrepute, owns landed and built-up property, fond of poetry, mean, atheist, of sinful conduct maintains liaison with brothel women, quarrelsome.

Taurus: – Endowed with many human qualities, famous, fearless, good-looking and attractive in appearance, prosperous, generous, humble and helpful, erudite and learned.

Gemini: – Learned, well versed in arts and music, gentle and polite, fond of sweetmeats, wealthy, intelligent and charitable by nature.

Cancer: – Timid, possesses many good qualities, pleasant in speech, undertakes respectable and noble tasks, deeply religious, knowledgeable and learned, attractive in appearance and diplomatic in behaviour.

Leo: – Receives wealth from spouse, respected, has few children, contented, benevolent, remains much worried.

Virgo: – Mean, sinful, highly sexed, sickly, loses potency early in life or loses fertility if a woman, indulges in monetary speculation causing much loss of money.

Libra: –Favourite of the high and mighty, fearless and bold, wealthy, respected and famous, accomplished in many types of work including fine arts.

Scorpio: – Indulges in wasteful expenditure of money, brings disrepute to family, given to bad habits, poor, possesses violent instincts, short-tempered, suffers from diseases of secret organs.

Sagittarius: – Has many noble qualities, wealthy, happiness from spouse and children, earns rewards and favours from the government, learned, popular and happy.

Capricorn: – Liked by everybody, miserly, egoistic, weak and frail, loner and oppressed by worries.

Aquarius: – Favourite of all but spends money foolishly and recklessly, despondent, sickly, irreligious and disinclined towards good deeds and noble acts.

Pisces: – Scholarly, wealthy, fond of music, fortunate, prosperous and famous, ,humble, calm and composed by nature, earns wealth from varied sources, generous, owns landed properties and accomplished.

Planets in Various Signs Part 5

Jupiter Planet in Various Signs


Jupiter in

Aries: – Broad-minded, generous, rich and prosperous, intelligent, happiness from spouse and children, brilliant, fair and just in approach, sometimes controversial but accomplished and famous.

Taurus: – Blessed with wealth, comforts and fame, religious and devout, sound in health and physique, upright and honest, gets acclaim as a physician or scholar.

Gemini: – Pleasant speaking, excellent conduct, fond of poetry, gains from agricultural or scientific activities, acquires sudden wealth, well-behaved and an accomplished writer.

Cancer: – Amiable and well-behaved, clever, learned, prosperous, blessed with wealth and all comforts of life, happiness from family and children, truthful, famous, philanthropist and accomplished in Yoga

Leo: – Owns palatial houses, enterprising, stout physique, benevolent, leader of masses and often a successful politician, prosperous and blessed with marital happiness and children.

Virgo: – Has many friends, clever, good in painting, sculpture and arts, victorious in battles and competitions.

Libra: – Sharp intellect, courageous, devoted to gods, religious-minded, clever, diplomatic and benevolent.

Scorpio: – wealthy and talented, generous, famous, not truthful, has troubles from spouse, scholar of scriptures, pious.

Sagittarius: – Enjoys prosperity like a king, owns lands and excellent conveyances, egostic, cunning but religious-minded.

Capricorn: – Of sinful conduct, dull, suffers mental depression, fond of travelling, selfish, inclined to sabotage others work, poor, cunning and unlucky.

Aquarius: – Suffers from diseases of teeth and intestines, miserly, sinful, timid and deceitful.

Pisces: – Occupies an authoritative position, wealthy and prosperous, modest, composed, kind and fond of literature.

Planets in Various Signs Part 4

Mercury Planet in Various Signs


 Mercury in

Aries: – Wicked, clever, unkind, gambler, agnostic, egoistic, glutton, liar, feeble-bodied.

Taurus: – Learned, benevolent, has many commendable qualities, accomplished in arts, devoted to teacher, wealthy, blessed with sibling and children, serious and sombre by nature.

Gemini: – Happy and contented, pleasant in speech but a habitual liar, accomplished in arts, music and writing, good orator, of good conduct.

Cancer: – Inimical towards kith and kin, wicked and of bad conduct, has a service-oriented approach in work, fond of music, a good orator and devoted to the spouse.

Leo: – Poor, devoted to the spouse but incurs the disfavour of spouse, troubles from children, wanderer, liar, deceitful and oversexed.

Virgo: – Pleasant in speech, clever, good and accomplished as a writer or editor, benevolent, expert in many types of work, fearless, intelligent, expert has many good qualities of the head and heart.

Libra: – Learned, orator, counsellor, blessed with martial happiness and children, benevolent spendthrift, clever, accomplished businessman, generous and religious-minded.

Scorpio: – Fond of gambling and speculation, indolent, remains in debt, atheist, poor, hard-working, foolish, solicit favours for living, given to vices and bad habits.

Sagittarius: – Scholars, prudent in speech, benevolent, accomplished in practical work, popular, generous, earns fame as a writer, orator or editor.

Capricorn: – Good artistic abilities, physically frail and weak, has poor intelligence, oppressed by enemies, suffers from debts, obedient, imprudent and timid.

Aquarius: – Poor, serves others for livelihood, domestic life not happy, troubles from enemies.

Pisces: – A good painter or sculptor, efficient in management of money, patriotic, blessed with marital happiness, of good conduct, fortunate, happy in foreign lands, forbearing and has great self-esteem.

Planets in Various Signs Part 3

Mars Planet in Various Signs


Mars in

Aries: – Polite, courageous, wealthy, owns landed properties, truthful, generous and respected in society.

Taurus: – Cunning and deceitful, adulterous, quarrelsome, adorns himself with beautiful  dresses, troubles from children, unhappy, sinful and boasting type.

Gemini: – Miser, blessed with children, brilliant, has few friends, accomplished in mechanical work and in warfare, philanthropist, happy and contented.

Cancer: – Calm in temperament, troubles from spouse, clever, sickly, earns living through service, cunning and treacherous.

Leo: – Blessed with spouse and children, valorous, unruffled by adversities, industrious but not wealthy, benevolent, accomplished in work and affectionate.

Virgo: – Hospitable, brilliant, devoted to gods and worship, blessed with children, good in settling arguments and disputes, clever and diplomatic, happy.

Libra: – Spendthrift, treacherous, troubles from spouse, oversexed and commits adultery, usurps other’s wealth.

Scorpio: – Scare of fire and arms, government servant, soldier or employed in defence services, leader of thieves and commits sinful acts.

Sagittarius: – Leads happy and peaceful life, terror for his enemies, famous and commands respect, good adviser and counsellor, cruel, hard-working.

Capricorn: – Prosperous like a king, valorous and brave, dutiful, victorious in battles, wealthy, happiness from family, popular, an able administrator and respected leader, happy and ambitious.

Aquarius: – keeps bad company, of uncouth behaviour, liar, of bad conduct and character, loses money through speculation, greedy and possesses bad habits.

Pisces: – Victorious over enemies, happy, a good counsellor, popular, given to bad habits, unkind, cruel, travels far and wide, sickly, agnostic and very talkative.

Janiye Kyu Karte Hai Shradh or Kyu Hoti Hai Pitra Puja?

Shradh paksh ka hindu dharam me bada hi mahatav hai. Prachin snatna dharam ke anusar hmare purvaj devtulya hai or is dharti par hamne jivan prapt kiya hai or jis prakar unhone hmara lalan-palan kar hame kritarth kiya hai unke in karyo se hum unke rinni hai. Samarpan or kritghyta ki isi bhawna  se shradh paksh prerit hai, jo jatak ko pittar rinn se mukti ka marag dikhata hai.


Shradh shabad Shardha se bana hai jo ki shradh ka pratham anivarya tatav hai arthat pittro ke prati shardha to avashya honi hi chahiye. Ashwin krishan paksh ki pratipada tithi se amavasya tak ka samay shradh ya Mahalay paksh kehlata hai. Is avadhi ke 16 din pittro arthat shradh karam ke liye vishesh roop se nirdharit kioye gye hai. Yahi avadhi pitra pakash ke naam se jani jati hai.

Garud Puran me varnit pittar rinn mukti marag rekha:

Kalapdev kurvit samaye shradham kule kashchinn sidti |

Aayu: putran yash: swaragm kirtim pushtim balamshriyam ||

Pashun sokhyam dhanam prapnuyat pitarpujnat |

Devkaryaadpi sada vishishyte ||

Devtabhay: pitrnam hi purvmapyaynam shubam ||

Is ka arth hai, samyanusar shradh karne se kul me koi dukhi nahi rehta. Pitro ki puja karke manushya aayu, putar, yash, swarg, kirti, pushti, bal, shree, pashu, sukh or dhan-dhanya prapt karta hai. Devkarya se bhi pitrakarya ka vishesh mahatav hai | Devtayo se pehle pitro ko prasann karna adhik kalyankari hai.

Kyu ki jati hai Pitrapuja: – Pitra paksh me kiye gye karyo se purvajo ki atma ko shanti prapat hoti hai tatha karta ko pitra rinn se mukti milti hai. Atma ki amrata ka sidhant to savayam bhagwan Shree Krishan Geeta me updeshit karte hai. Atma jab tak apne param-atma se sanyog nahi kar leti , tab tak vibhinn yoniyo me bhatkati rehti hai or is doran use shardh karam santushti milti hai.

Shastro me devtayo se pehle pittro ko prasann krna adhik kalyankari kaha gya hai. Yahi karan hai ki devpujan se purav pitar pujan kiye jane ka vidhan hai.

Planets in Various Signs Part 2

Moon Planet in Various Signs


Moon in

Aries: – Has poor appetite, not avaricious, food or aimless travel, devoid of financial stability, good as a servant, audacious but egoistic and oversexed.

Taurus: – Broad faced, majestic gait, benevolent, begets many daughters, likes to rule than be ruled, fortunate, a trustworthy and sincere friend.

Gemini: – Scholar of scriptures, good as a diplomat, intelligent, fond of gambling or speculation, has good intuitive power, adept in the art of love-making.

Cancer: – A sincere friend, fond of astrology, lives in palatial houses, fluctuating financial condition, has affectionate nature.

Leo: – Valorous, egoistic, short tempered, even-minded and not attached to worldly matters, fond of eating meat and roaming in the forests, does every task promptly and fast.

Virgo: – Possesses beautiful eyes and a modest outlook, effeminate in actions and habits, truthful, intelligent, begets more female than male issues, polite and courteous.

Libra: – Tall-statured, respectful towards gods and saints, frail-bodied, honest and intelligent, good in business dealings of buying and selling, wealthy, ignored by his kith and kin.

Scorpio: – Brand shouldered, loses his father in early childhood, sickly, cruel and enjoys indulging in acts of violence.

Sagittarius: – Inherits parental wealth and profession, well-behaved, enterprising, manly, wise and energetic, possesses artistic abilities, clever.

Capricorn: – Devoted to his family, religious, fortunate, indolent, follows good advice, intrinsically strong, immodest.

Aquarius: – Tell and well built, skin has rough texture with veins prominently visible, body is very hairy, fluctuating fortunes, commits sinful acts for usurping other’s wealth, keeps illicit liaison woth other’s wives.

Pisces: – Devoted to spouse, fond of varieties of dresses and ornaments, competitive and gets the better of his enemies, gets hidden wealth.